So Here's What I've Been Doing

Recent Projects

For Dec 1GAM (Finish Line)
Released 1 Jan 2016
For Nov 1GAM
Released 1 Dec 2015
For Oct 1GAM (Prose)
Released 1 Nov 2015

In December 2012, I happened to hear about Christer Kaitila's soon-to-begin One Game A Month jam/project/experiment, and I thought it would be a good way to get myself back into game development after taking more than a decade and a half off.

After three years of successfully completing a project every month, and a shockingly long term as the high score on the 1GAM leaderboard, I decided when 2016 came to try my hand at other projects. Some are larger, some are less compatible with the one-month prototyping schedule, and some aren't even games, but those three years of projects remain here for now, a time capsule and journal of development.

If anything catches your eye, strikes your fancy, hits a nerve, gets you wondering or gives you an idea, feel free to drop me a line via email or on twitter.

- gnustoboz