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Released 1 Jan 2016 for Dec 1GAM (Finish Line)
Part 3 of a multi-phase project to revise, lay out, and professionally print a production-style copy of d4dead.

Previous Projects

Released 1 Dec 2015 for Nov 1GAM
Part 2 of a multi-phase project to revise, lay out, and professionally print a production-style copy of d4dead.
Released 1 Nov 2015 for Oct 1GAM (Prose)
Part 1 of a multi-phase project to revise, lay out, and professionally print a production-style copy of d4dead.
Released 3 Oct 2015 for Sep 1GAM
What? More Unity/Twine integration? Yep, and now working with Unity UI. A prototype with source code.
Released 3 Sep 2015 for Aug 1GAM
A foray into Unity/MIDI interface, and a way to learn major scales by ear if you hate yourself.
Released 2 Aug 2015 for Jul 1GAM
A standalone mechanic in search of a game - a custom deck of cards with asymmetric suit precedence.
Released 2 Jul 2015 for Jun 1GAM
Returning to Blind Tigers for refinement and a foray into proper layout and production-ready presentation.
Released 25 May 2015 for May 1GAM & Harlowe 1,000
A game jam Twine story limited to 1,000 words and experiment in embedding a Twine 2 Harlowe story in a dynamic page.
Released 1 May 2015 for Apr 1GAM
A two-player asymmetric tabletop game where one player plays a card game while their opponent plays a board game.
Released 31 Mar 2015 for Mar 1GAM (Transform)
A learning project to port an existing game to Unreal Engine as a blueprints-only game.
Released 27 Feb 2015 for Feb 1GAM
A small card game for 2-4 players in which players line up entertainment, legal and less so, in competing 1920s night clubs.
Released 27 Jan 2015 for Jan 1GAM (Resolution)
Two utility story formats for Twine 2, one allowing simple exports to twee source files, the other facilitating collaborative editing.
Released 28 Dec 2014 for Dec 1GAM (Snow Day)
A first-person mini-game serving as a testing ground for a variety of experiments in game systems and details.
Released 24 Nov 2014 for Nov 1GAM & 7DFPS
An experiment in first-person gravity confusion created for #7DFPS, and a sort-of-sideways-sequel to my Feb. 2013 game.
Released 29 Oct 2014 for Oct 1GAM
Further adventures in Unity/Twine integration, now with the Typogenic library. A prototype with source code.
Released 1 Oct 2014 for Sep 1GAM (The Fair)
A card game for two players based on Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," in which one player builds a wall of grievances out of cards while the other introduces doubts and uncertainty to tear down the wall.
Released 1 Sep 2014 for Aug 1GAM (Fire)
A game-jam-style old-fashioned spaceships-and-asteroids hyphen-rich game about inevitable death and high scores.
Released 31 Jul 2014 for Jul 1GAM
Adding shadow shaders, click interaction, and mixed material support to a new open source high-quality text rendering library for Unity developers
Released 30 Jun 2014 for Jun 1GAM (Doctor)
A project to analyze, test, disassemble and revise several tabletop projects previously created for 1GAM to evaluate both the games and my own progress.
Released 29 May 2014 for May 1GAM (Money) & Public Domain Jam
An abstract interaction of two poems, created for the Public Domain Jam.
Released 30 Apr 2014 for Apr 1GAM (Water)
An Android port of my September 2013 1GAM project, Yì, a hex tile based puzzle game.
Released 30 Mar 2014 for Mar 1GAM (Neon)
Demonstration of a top-down low-poly animated character control system with "free running" style automatic movement over various heights of obstructions.
Released 1 Mar 2014 for Feb 1GAM (Loops)
An examination of the basic mechanics and assumptions of a classic 2D platformer structure, presented in the form of a training course to teach those mechanics and assumptions to a beginner.
Released 31 Jan 2014 for Jan 1GAM (Respawn)
A tech demo experiment of a rich character animation rig, with passive animations, unarmed fighting, sword & shield, bow, and spellcasting modes, all linked with custom blends and integrated with pervasive animation events.
Released 29 Dec 2013 for Dec 1GAM (Death)
A co-operative tabletop cards-and-dice game inspired by the theme and mechanics of Left 4 Dead, requiring players to work together to survive the zombie apocalypse.
Released 1 Dec 2013 for Nov 1GAM & NaNoWriMo
A NaNoWriMo project converted to an interactive Twine story, as well as an exercise in posting first draft work publicly for commentary without allowing time for editing and polish.
Released 30 Oct 2013 for Oct 1GAM (Candy)
An attempt to build a new Unity third-person character controller and chase camera rig, implement as many features as possible within the available time, and release the code.
Released 30 Sep 2013 for Sep 1GAM (Hexagons,Sound)
A hex grid puzzle game designed to be as calming and relaxing as possible while exploring an original mechanic and puzzle set. Particular attention was paid to presentation, visual themes, and sound design.
Released 22 Aug 2013 for Aug 1GAM (Secret) & 7DFPS
A short experiment combining 2D sidescroller and 3D FPS mechanics. The story of a 2D platformer character who finds a gun which allows him to see into the mysterious third dimension. Created for #7DFPS.
Released 31 Jul 2013 for Jul 1GAM (Metal) & 7DRTS
A 3D-rendered real time action game, playable solo or multiplayer online, inspired by tower defense mechanics, in which you must deploy barricades and manipulate the pathfinding logic of attackers to survive. An unofficial #7dRTS entry, with write-up.
Released 30 Jun 2013 for Jun 1GAM (Frozen)
A 3D-rendered overhead Action-RPG-style game set in a hallucinatory world of emotional imagery and a focus on thematic consistency and simple melee combat.
Released 31 May 2013 for May 1GAM (Grow)
A 2-player combat-themed card game with a limited deck building component, based on a system where injuries become the wisdom you use to train your combatant.
Released 30 Apr 2013 for Apr 1GAM (Spring)
A board game based on the mechanics of nontransitive dice, board control, and multipurpose limited resources played on a modular board, presented as a battle between mages to gain control of a wild torrent of mana - a Manaspire.
Released 31 Mar 2013 for Mar 1GAM (Rogue)
An interactive story, playable in 3D or as a web page, about an impending asteroid-Earth impact. Based on a @petermolydeux idea. An experiment in integrating Twine and Unity.
Released 28 Feb 2013 for Feb 1GAM (Change)
A 3D-rendered 2D side scrolling physics puzzle platformer based around the mechanics of variable per-object gravity and time scales.
Released 31 Jan 2013 for Jan 1GAM
A modern re-imagining of the core mechanics and theme of "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial" for the Atari 2600, with a post-mortem writeup. Yes, seriously.