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A Simple Twine 2 Utility Story Format for Twee Generation
by Michael McCollum

The purpose of Entweedle is simple - I've previously worked on projects where Twine 1.x was used as story planning tool, then an export of the underlying twee source was used in another environment. I noticed this feature had not made it into the official release of Twine 2, so I decided to learn Twine 2's story format to see if I could make twee source exports available.

Usage is also simple - add Entweedle as a story format, select it as the format of a story, and then play your story. The generated story will display only the plain text twee source of your story, which you can copy and paste into another file as needed.

Entweedle was created as a project for OneGameAMonth.com to increase my knowledge of Twine 2 and modern Javascript in general, so please excuse any issues or peculiarities. Entweedle is released under the MIT license, and the full un-minified source is available below.


To use Entweedle as a Twine 2 format, click the "Formats" link in Twine, then "Add a New Format" and enter this URL:

This will allow you to select Entweedle as a story format. Once selected, just Play your story, and copy/paste the generated twee source from the resulting export.

If you need the un-minified source for any reason, use this link.

If you're using Entweedle for anything or you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line and let me know.