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A Twine 2 Proofing Format for Collaborative Work
by Michael McCollum

Illume is an experiment in producing a proofing format for Twine 2 that offers more functionality than a simple text dump. It includes several features, such as generating basic story statistics and the option to export your story in twee source format, but its primary purpose is to provide an interface for reviewing and editing passages in a workflow that allows an author to easily have another person, even someone who does not use Twine, proofread and provide edits to a story.

The "illuminated" version of the story uses a checklist-style workflow for marking passages as reviewed, and also allows the editor to make corrections and changes in-place. Once the review is complete, the editor can generate and export a change list, showing a diff-style breakdown of all the changes made to each passage. That change list also provides a checklist-style workflow for the author to verify that all edits have been reviewed.

Illume was created as a project for OneGameAMonth.com to increase my knowledge of Twine 2 and modern Javascript in general, so I hope you find it useful or are encouraged to include similar features in other Twine story formats, and please excuse any issues or peculiarities. It's released under the MIT license, and the full un-minified source is available below.


To use Illume as a Twine 2 proofing format, click the "Formats" link in Twine, then "Add a New Format" and enter this URL:

Clicking the star next to Illume in the "Proofing Formats" tab will set this as your default proofing format. Once set, the "View Proofing Copy" command in the Twine story editor interface will open the illuminated view of your story, with the option to save the export to a file.

If you want to see how any of this was done or use any of these features in your own story format, use this link to download a package of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript files used to create the story format.

If you're using Illume for anything or you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line and let me know.